"I’m in this for life."

Ein sehr ausführliches Headphone Commute-Interview mit Brock van Wey aka BVDUB, East Of Oceans und Earth House Hold ist unter dem folgenden Link zu finden:

In the studio with Brock Van Wey

Brock beschreibt darin seinen kompositorischen Ansatz, seine Sicht auf seine (sehr raren) Livegigs, die Umgebung, in der er seine Songs produziert und wenigstens am Rande auch sein technisches Setup, wenngleich auffällig ist, dass er bei diesen Fragen sehr schnell die Abfahrt nimmt, die ihn weg von der technischen Komponente führt. Allerdings, und das gibt's als Teaser bereits hier zu lesen, ist seine Laptop-Geschichte ein Traum:

I only use Asus computers (I currently have 5, 3 for music production, 1 for live shows, and 1 for everyday use). In the city I live in, the woman who runs the Asus store is a friend of mine, so she pulled a bunch of strings and allowed me to go to the Asus factory (it’s about an hour from where I live) and not only work with them to build custom laptops purely designed completely to my specifications (anyone who knows laptops knows that’s nearly impossible), complete with custom-made motherboards and nearly all custom-made hardware all built directly at the factory and specially designed to optimally sync with each other – but she then hired out her best tech guy to work solely for me, and who is a complete magician, to build me a custom version of Windows 7 from scratch (meaning he modeled it after Windows 7 but it’s completely custom-built and written from the ground up) that can only run what I use to play a show. It can’t get on the internet, it can’t run any other software, and it has zero other capabilities or functions… Hell, it can’t even type text outside of specifically designated parameters limited to what I use for the show. So it has literally zero things running in the background, and the CPU is always 100% dedicated to whatever I’m doing musically. My three music machines are set up the same way, but with those ones he adapted the system to be slightly more flexible, so I can add in new operations, software, hardware, and functions as needed. And I can type stuff in a few more situations, otherwise it’s kinda hard to keep track of finished tracks (haha). But the amount of unbridled power and unshakable focus those things can generate is frightening.

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